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HR Data Labs is a premier podcast exploring Human Resource technology, process, policy, data and analytics.

HR Data Labs podcast: Elevate Your HR Insights with Expert Analysis

HR Data Labs podcast dives deep into HR data, analytics, and technology trends. Our episodes feature industry experts discussing topics like DEI, pay equity, and HR tech innovations that shape the future of your organization.

Meet Our Expert Guests

Discover our expert guests, blending insights within and beyond Human Resources to offer innovative perspectives for your organization.

Jackie Ferguson

Inclusive Leadership

Specializes in language that drives better business relationships.

Don Weinstein

HR Technology Expert

Pioneering innovative HR tech solutions for modern workplace challenges.

Kathi Enderess

HR Technology Expoert

Enhances HR processes with strategic insights and innovative approaches through next-gen tech.

Robyn Rodriguez

HR Consultant

Specializes in enhancing the position of female HR leaders by driving skill development.

Schon Parris

HR Expert/Consultant

Enhances HR processes with strategic insights and innovative approaches.

Chris Havrilla

HR Technology Expert

Driving decisions based on data that should drive better business decisions.

Cindy Foxworth

HR, Talent Management Leader

Specializes in enhancing HR’s position in the org through strategic initiatives.

Dr. Dawn Nicholson

Organizational Psych

Specializes in driving the business to understand the needs of employees and managers to drive deeper relatioships.

Martine Kalaw

Data Driven DE&I

Specializes in HR analytics to enhance organizational efficiency and data-driven decision making.

Steve Brink

Total Rewards Expert

A leader in how compensation drives loyalty and engagement.

Amy Leschke-Kahle

Talent Management

Pioneering innovative HR tech solutions for modern workplace challenges.

Kerrian Soong

Talent Management

Driving businesses to operate with the employee as a core resource.

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Listening to HR Data Labs has transformed my understanding of HR analytics.

Adriana DiNenno

Analytics and Talent Expert

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