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Meet Our Team

Explore our diverse lineup of experts, each sharing unique insights on HR, data and analytics.

David Turetsky

Host, HR Expert, Practitioner, Consultant

David B. Turetsky serves as CHRO for and Managing Consultant and is responsible for consulting with clients on people analytics, total rewards, and other HR data governance issues. In this role, David consults with clients around the world focused on improving their usage of data, analytics, and HR processes in support of their business. David partners with clients to provide ideas, insights, and best practices on how to optimize People Insights.

Dwight Brown

Co-Host, HR Expert, Consultant

Dwight has 25 years of progressive experience directing analytics, data solutions management, and technology operations focusing on analytics, risk methodologies, strategy development, and complex project management.  Throughout his career he worked developing and implementing new operational functions, gaining valuable skills and experience in Human Resources, Compensation, and People Analytics.  At Dwight works across all aspects of compensation analysis including benchmarking and compensation structure development. 

Dino Zincarini

Co-Host, HR Analytics Expert, Consultant

Dino has over 20 years of experience of helping companies turn their data into an asset. With roles spanning consulting, software sales, customer support and product management he has been on both the product and service side of the technology business but always in the analytics industry. Dino has built his career on helping people and organizations apply technology to make sense of data and apply it to improve business outcomes. At Dino is focused on using HR data to help clients understand their compensation strategies and tactics while also developing assets to monitor business performance, ensuring that HR’s value is communicated and understood. When not helping clients, Dino spends a lot of time at the dog park, learning languages and history, and playing his favorite video games.

Karissa Harris

Podcast Manager

Karissa Harris holds her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with a specialization in Digital Marketing from Colorado State University – Global Campus. After various jobs including putting her organizational skills to work as an office administrator, she started her career in marketing as the Marketing Coordinator for Turetsky Consulting. Once the acquisition by occurred, Karissa joined the marketing team there and managed the HR Data Labs podcast hosted by David Turetsky. Now as the Marketing Specialist for Digital Outreach she continues to coordinate guests and streamline the production of the podcast while designing and expanding’s digital outreach program.

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