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I’m stoked every chance I can get to discuss the marketplace with David Turetsky. Makes me smarter every time (albeit low bar!) and brings to light something in each session of HR Data Labs for those of us in the industry to think on. Already looking forward to the next one!

Sean Luitjens

GM, Visier Total Rewards


On June 21, 2022, David Turetsky emailed me and asked me to do the HR Data Labs podcast.

Well, it just DROPPED today and I expect you to give it a listen and drop your thoughts below! 👂

Why did I title this imposter syndrome?

❌ I put this podcast off for a couple of years. is a strong brand in the HR space and I didn’t want to let David down so I graciously put him off.

❌ I wasn’t ready for feedback from other HR Leaders.

❌ I didn’t think I had fully defined my voice in HR.

But guess what………Timing is everything!

⏰ The years of experience with Her HR Help Desk helped me craft the knowledge to drop it like it’s HOT in this episode 🔥

⏰ It’s official, my HR voice is defined and stronger than ever 💪🏼

⏰ I didn’t let David down, he actually LOVES me and I LOVE him (in the most HR professional way possible) ❤️

If you aren’t ready, it’s ok BUT when you are, you better make the call, send the email, get on the podcast, and tell the story…


* goodbye, imposter syndrome, hello happy tears * 🥹

Robyn Rodriguez

CPO and Consultant, Her HR Help Desk

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